Level One

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  • Features
  • Benefits

Basic troubleshooting for common issues
Password resets and account management
Basic software and application support
Ticket creation and management
Knowledge base access for self-help
Quick response times for basic IT issues
Reduced downtime and increased productivity
Cost-effective support for small to medium-sized businesses
Access to a team of experienced technicians
Improved customer satisfaction with efficient issue resolution

Level Three

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  • Features
  • Benefits

Advanced network and server support and administration
Root cause analysis for complex issues
Escalation support for Level Two and Level Four issues
Cloud computing and virtualization support
Proactive system and network monitoring and maintenance
Comprehensive IT support for large enterprises and complex IT environments
Rapid issue resolution and reduced downtime
Enhanced security and risk management
Improved system and network performance
Access to a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians

Level Four

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  • Features
  • Benefits

Vendor management and support
Executive-level support and strategy development
Customized support plans and solutions
Onsite support and installation
Technical account management and reporting
Customized IT support solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client
Access to a dedicated technical account manager for personalized support
Improved IT strategy and decision-making
Enhanced vendor management and support
Onsite support and installation for complex systems and networks